AMERICANS AND THEIR IDOLS, pub. by found at Infinity Publishers, 1094 New DeHaven Street, Suite 100, West Conshohocken, PA 19428-2713 1(877) BUYBOOK 1(610)941-9999 americansandtheiridolsindex-5.html This great work is clearly one of the most important book ever written on the history of American music. It covers the beginning of the music types brought to the English colonies and previous Spanish settlements by African warriors, who sang war songs on their very first arrival. As early as the mid 1600's, African captives in the English colonies were singing spirituals. These songs changed as more Africans arrived from West Africa, Congo-Angola and Sudan. Song and musical instrument playing developed to include spirituals, barbershop, ragtime, blues, jazz, gospel, calypso, soul, reggae, funk, disco, rap and hip-hop. This fantastic book is the first 'mixed text' book done in the style of the 'mixed tape,' yet there is nothing 'mixed' about the information presented. The three parts of this work includes the history of American music, a reporters observation of the American Idol show and his comments, and a series of very inspiring and uplifting poetry, hip-hop poetry, spoken-word, ancient Nubian and other types. This great work is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to read a fun book that also teaches. It is the perfect book for those in the hip-hop generation who have very little knowledge of America's music and who are sometimes without the training or knowledge of playing musical instruments, writing music and performing compositions and songs that are very important to the culture. MORE INFORMATION ALSO SEE
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